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Floating mosque, Penang. Copyright Aloha Lavina.

Let the Rain Help Your Photography

Rain is the enemy of a photographer, right? Wrong. Rain can be your friend and make your photos pop. Find out how.

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15mm lens portrait copyright Aloha Lavina.

How Different Lenses can Help You See Creatively

Learn how your lenses ‘see,’ and improve how you make imagery. Different lenses can help you see creatively. Here’s five ways how.

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Taking Home the Intangibles

Travel is encountering a landscape of intangibles. Travel photography is an attempt to take them home.

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Photo Equipment Part 2: What’s in the Bag

Some people take photos because they travel. I travel so I can take photos.

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Desert Lines

Their chatter sounds like a hypersonic version of the ghazals I’ve heard on CD—literary in its cadence, almost like a song, with whispers of a prayerful love. I bask in the poetry of noises I do not recognize but strangely, understand with my heart.

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The Man at the Window

To get the shot: I zoomed the lens as wide as it could get and angled the shot so that the wood would distort. I saw the planks at the bottom of the shot, leading to his hand. I abstracted the window by cropping it above and on the right, so his face would float in the dark background. To get the colors to pop, I used Aperture priority and compensated for exposure by underexposing three quarters of a stop.

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A Small Place to Meander

You will also see some interesting sari-sari stores, or stores selling all kinds of retail items such as bags of Tide detergent hanging on a string alongside chicharon, or pork rinds. There are also some very picturesque old wooden houses in Daro, especially in morning light. You may, like me, be distracted into taking photographs here.

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Is RTW right for you?

Sometimes when I completely fall in love with a place, I want to stay indefinitely. Standing in the Sunday market in Bac Ha, Vietnam, my senses are overwhelmed by the colors.  My camera is on overdrive. I am in heaven. But I spend exactly one day in Bac Ha, leave the North of Vietnam, fly […]

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