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D is for depth of field copyright Aloha Lavina.

The ABCs of Portraits

Get started with portraits and learn a few new Scrabble words! Learn about a FREE surprise after the jump.

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Monk framed by doorway in Bhutan copyright Aloha Lavina.

10 Small Things that Make a Big Difference in Your Photos

It’s not what’s in the photo, it’s how you took it. And sometimes, it’s little things that you do, which make a big difference in your shots.

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Mono Lake another photographer moved into my shot. She knew I was there. I was there 2 hours before she got there. Copyright Aloha Lavina.

If Miss Manners were a Photographer…

Please be mindful of other photographers in whose frames another person with camera walks. Or, Get the hell out of my viewfinder. But Miss Manners would say it more politely.

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storm approaching batanes copyright Aloha Lavina

10 Practical Ways to Improve Visual Problem Solving

A visual problem solver arranges whatever existing conditions she finds on location into harmonious images. Here are 10 practical ways to develop your visual problem solving and make your images pop.

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vibrance adds intensity to color copyright Aloha Lavina.

Beginner’s Guide: Seven Tools for Working with Color in Photoshop

Quick tips on seven tools for enhancing digital color photos in Photoshop. It’s not that complicated. You don’t need to be a Rembrandt.

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Chloe Lane copyright Aloha Lavina

6 Questions to Ask When You’re Casting Models

Who can help you create those fabulous photos? Here are six criteria to get you started.

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portrait with catchlights in eyes copyright Aloha Lavina

10 Things Tyra Banks can Teach You About Portrait Photography

Here’s how Tyra Banks can help you make stunning fabulous portraits.

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good light copyright Aloha Lavina

Light is the Thing

It’s the most important ingredient for a yummy photograph.

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10 Online Resources for Photography Enthusiasts

Here are some things to do with free online resources that will help you get your photography where you want it to be, and say goodbye to the Program mode!

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