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natural light portrait copyright Aloha Lavina

Week 9 Module: Portrait with Light from One Window

Here’s a simple way to set up and shoot some natural light portraits. All you need is some light streaming through a window and you’ll be channeling Rembrandt.

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The Man at the Window

To get the shot: I zoomed the lens as wide as it could get and angled the shot so that the wood would distort. I saw the planks at the bottom of the shot, leading to his hand. I abstracted the window by cropping it above and on the right, so his face would float in the dark background. To get the colors to pop, I used Aperture priority and compensated for exposure by underexposing three quarters of a stop.

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I travel so I can collect you

I travel so that I can collect you. Like a book of old stamps, the photos I have taken and the journal entries I’ve scribbled in the pages bearing coffee rings and beer stains flip through my days of being a vulture–a traveler who collects days not mine. I gawk at you and take your […]

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