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fire concept portrait copyright Aloha Lavina.

5 Myths about Creativity a Photographer Should Bust

You don’t have to be a child prodigy to be creative. In fact, it can happen at any time in your life. Let’s bust some myths about what it means to be creative.

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retouched portrait copyright Aloha Lavina.

Confessions of a Photoshop User

49,000 tutorials exist today about retouching skin. Not to mention the books and videos that are available. Does she or doesn’t she? is not the question.

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losing your divinity copyright Aloha Lavina

10 Songs You and Your Camera can Hum Together

Random: Do you have a playlist of songs to shoot to? What’s the music that helps you get great imagery? Here’s an ode to photography.

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dramatic portrait of leah copyright Aloha Lavina

Five Signs of Creative Burnout and Seven Ways to Combat it

How do you keep your passion and sense of wonder when you’re tired? Here’s how you can combat creative burnout.

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low angle desert bloom copyright Aloha Lavina

Three Things to Love about the Canon 60D

In which I learn that this little dSLR can do a pretty big job. If you’re looking for a camera that’s lightweight and allows you to do loads of stuff, this is it.

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don't forget to zip my face and neck copyright Aloha Lavina

Summon Your Inner Gaga

Imagine what pictures you could make if you just played.

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good light copyright Aloha Lavina

Light is the Thing

It’s the most important ingredient for a yummy photograph.

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