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Imagine That Photography Tribe

Stripped to its Essence: the Beauty of Black and White

Take a look at why you need a little monochrome madness. Stripped to its essence, a monochrome photograph forces you to be creative, to interpret the world as you will in this most unrealistic way of seeing.

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monochrome using iPhone 4s copyright Aloha Lavina

Week 10 Module: Monochrome Madness

Get mad about monochrome! Find out ways to make your black and white images speak volumes, this week in our Imagine That Photography Tribe Week 10 Module.

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Drying squid in Pran Buri, Thailand copyright Aloha Lavina

Composition and the Use of Color

Sometimes it’s better to shoot without color. Especially when you’re focusing on forms in the frame. Learn how monochrome can help you shoot better compositions.

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Solitude can be a memory, sepia and semi-toned, tempered with discontent, or brimming with anticipation.

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Inside Silent Walls: A Week with Benedictine Nuns

Pope John Paul II has just died, and the Vietnamese are weeping. Here in Phan Thiet, in the southeastern coast of Vietnam, thousands of people are flocking to Masses. The rickshaw driver who took me to the seafood and beer place last night picks me up from the Ocean Dunes Novotel Resort, where I am […]

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