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June Fifth by Bonny Sethi photo copyright Aloha Lavina

10 Things to Remember When You’re Shooting Clothing

I love dresses. Dresses that drape, dresses that dance with color. Dresses with texture, and flow. Even though it takes a lot of time, preparation and doesn’t make me rich, I love shooting clothing, especially couture. Most of my editorial work is about clothing. There is something fascinating about the creativity of a designer and […]

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Shooting Winter Coats in a Tropical Country. Outdoors.

I had to light the scenes in ways that would simulate the cool atmosphere we wanted; I also needed to shoot as if it was cold.

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When It’s a Wrap

5 Ways to Effectively Work with Models “It’s a wrap!” are three of the most important words for a fashion photographer. Knowing that you’ve done an excellent job and that the day has been productive, fun and creative makes it worth while to wake up early for 6.30 am call times and the lifting of […]

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