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Multiple Planes Instantly Transform Your Imagery

Photographs are two-dimensional. How can you make images that suggest depth, volume and mass? Read on and try these techniques.

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Using a Limited Color Palette

We are visual gluttons, and color distracts us. Here’s how to help your viewer access your images through a limited color palette.

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Dochula Pass Bhutan monochrome landscape layered landscape black and white clouds Himalayas copyright Aloha Lavina 2012

Keep it Simple

As we grow in photography, we may forget the beauty of basics. Keeping compositions simple can help you make memorable images.

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10 Things that will Transform Photographic Composition

How many ways can you design an image? As many ways as you can learn to see. Composition is the key to a strong photographic vision.

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Thai weaver copyright Aloha Lavina

Week 3 Module: What’s in the Frame

This week, we look at a few ways to make effective compositions. Learn about Rule of Thirds, using lines, shapes and other techniques that help you design awesome photos.

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10 Online Resources for Photography Enthusiasts

Here are some things to do with free online resources that will help you get your photography where you want it to be, and say goodbye to the Program mode!

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