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Huntington Beach early morning copyright Aloha Lavina.

6 Things that Can Change the Way You See in Photography

Art is no accident. How did Van Gogh awe us with swirls of paint in Starry Night?

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10 Things that will Transform Photographic Composition

How many ways can you design an image? As many ways as you can learn to see. Composition is the key to a strong photographic vision.

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butter candle vendor portrait Kathmandu Nepal copyright Aloha Lavina

Bring Back that Lovin’ Feelin’

What would you do to fall in love with your craft, all over again? Here’s my three resolutions for 2012 to bring back that old lovin’ feelin’ into photography.

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indian couture copyright Aloha Lavina

Steve Jobs Said

Stars are past light. But if we didn’t see those lights, we would never know the depths of the universe. RIP Steve Jobs.

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copyright Aloha Lavina

Hey Photographer! Who are You and What do You Believe?

You’re a person who makes pictures and people pay you. But who are you? And what do you believe?

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zebra girl copyright Aloha Lavina.

From Idea to Image Part I: Planning

Start by thinking backwards. Then move through a tried and true process to get you from idea to image and give yourself the best chances for success.

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dramatic portrait copyright Aloha Lavina

Are You Paying Attention?

Artistry doesn’t come from outside you. It starts with tuning in to experience, and letting it teach you how to see.

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polka dots copyright Aloha Lavina

Why You Should Shoot like Johnny Depp

Zooming your attention into the getting that shot is your task as a photographer. Get rid of mental clutter, and you’ve got a hit.

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Bodie sitting room sofa and tourists copyright Aloha Lavina

Nine Things Rupert Murdoch can Teach Photographers

Only time can tell what Murdoch’s legacy to the world will be. What will your legacy be?

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don't forget to zip my face and neck copyright Aloha Lavina

Summon Your Inner Gaga

Imagine what pictures you could make if you just played.

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conceptual portrait copyright Aloha Lavina

Use Location to Make Your Portraits Sizzle

Make the background just as beautiful as the subject.

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