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mermaids digital manipulation composite photo copyright Aloha Lavina 2012.

Creativity, Camera, and Photoshop

Do you like photography and Photoshop? Digital imagery is not just about one or the other. The trick is to maintain your balance.

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Easy way to dodge and burn without destroying pixels

Dodging and burning are techniques that create dramatic contrast in a photo. But these tools damage image files’ pixels. Here is a way to use the dodging and burning techniques without damaging your photo.

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How to Convert a Color Photo into BW Using Channels

Here’s how to convert a color photo into a black and white one in 12 easy steps. This illustrated tutorial also has tips on using the Clone, Burn and setting Levels manually. Enjoy!

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retouched portrait copyright Aloha Lavina.

Confessions of a Photoshop User

49,000 tutorials exist today about retouching skin. Not to mention the books and videos that are available. Does she or doesn’t she? is not the question.

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vibrance adds intensity to color copyright Aloha Lavina.

Beginner’s Guide: Seven Tools for Working with Color in Photoshop

Quick tips on seven tools for enhancing digital color photos in Photoshop. It’s not that complicated. You don’t need to be a Rembrandt.

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conservative saturation copyright Aloha Lavina

Would You Resort to Oversaturating Color in a Boring Photo?

Would you over-saturate a color image to enhance it? How much saturation is too much? One opinion.

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