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salt farm samut sakhon thailand sunset copyright Aloha Lavina

How to Teach Yourself to Improve Your Photography

Learning photography independently? Here’s a strategy that will train your brain to push you into action and get results.

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Convict Lake, California copyright Aloha Lavina 2011. All rights reserved.

Just in Time versus Just in Case

Learn a new photography skill just in time, not just in case. You’ll find your skills will grow by leaps and bounds. And you’ll have lots of fun, too.

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men making charcoal in Perak, Malaysia copyright Aloha Lavina

Give Yourself Assignments and Watch Your Photography Improve

Even if you don’t take a class in photography, you can still find a great teacher. Yourself! Yes, there is a way to learn and improve on your own, and it works.

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light on leaves and rock, Siem Reap Cambodia copyright Aloha Lavina

6 Ways to Start Your Photography Hobby

Ever look at Flickr Explore or 500px and go, how do I get to that level? Well, you know that everyone’s got to start somewhere. Here are six places to start.

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