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D is for depth of field copyright Aloha Lavina.

The ABCs of Portraits

Get started with portraits and learn a few new Scrabble words! Learn about a FREE surprise after the jump.

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June Fifth featuring Natalie Glebova copyright Aloha Lavina 2011. All rights reserved.

From Idea to Image Part 2: Lighting Clothing

Plan the light and make colors pop or make a white dress glow. Know your lighting solutions beforehand, and minimize problems during a photoshoot.

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15mm lens portrait copyright Aloha Lavina.

How Different Lenses can Help You See Creatively

Learn how your lenses ‘see,’ and improve how you make imagery. Different lenses can help you see creatively. Here’s five ways how.

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conservative saturation copyright Aloha Lavina

Would You Resort to Oversaturating Color in a Boring Photo?

Would you over-saturate a color image to enhance it? How much saturation is too much? One opinion.

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