52 Project

Week 11 Module: Bokeh Baby!

portrait with bokeh copyright Aloha Lavina

Blur has never been more beautiful.

Bokeh is technically the way a lens renders out of focus light. Different lenses produce different bokeh. Sometimes, a lens can produce bokeh that’s so creamy you could spread it on bread.

Hmong woman and bright light, Vietnam copyright Aloha Lavina.
Creamy, spreadable bokeh.

Other times, there’s a texture to the bokeh.

portrait with bokeh copyright Aloha Lavina
Sometimes the lens can produce some texture in the bokeh.

This week, let’s have some fun producing bokeh, baby!

Here’s a video on how to set up a bokeh producing situation at home.

If you’re having too much fun, here’s how you could control the shape of the bokeh your lens produces.

And finally, here’s some inspiration of creative ways to use bokeh in your compositions.

Now go, and make some beautiful blur.


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