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Editor’s Picks: Week 4 Module “Looking for Light”

“Photography is a great excuse for seeing things you ordinary wouldn’t.”

Christopher Beirne, who authored this quote, probably meant that when you focus your camera on light, you begin to change the way you see.

Light can make the ordinary extraordinary, as the Imagine That Photography Tribe found out last week while shooting for Week 4 Module, Looking for Light.

Here are the images from a fantastic week with the Tribe. And here’s the time when I just shut up and let these eloquent images do the talking.

Copyright Cynthia Swidler 2012.
Copyright Vincent Ng 2012.
Copyright Einstein Lavina 2012.
Copyright Prima Ongsvises 2012.
Copyright Ker Geok Lan 2012.
Copyright Schalk Ras 2012.
Copyright Ntutu Letseka 2012. Took this one with a Nokia! Amazing.
Copyright Sarah Darr 2012.


You can also check out Tribe member Mihaela Limberea’s awesome images here.

That wraps up a beautiful and enlightening week here for us at Imagine That Photography Tribe.

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Welcome back and thanks for reading Imagine That!

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