52 Project

Week 1 Module: Tiny Landscapes

weeds copyright Aloha Lavina

What I am really excited about with the 52 Project is that each one of us will be able to take as little or as much as we want from each module. That means you can move at your own pace. It also means you can pick to do all the tasks within the week, or you do some tasks. But please share the photos with others on our Facebook page for some feedback and discussion.

This week’s module has  some introductory videos.

Now, here’s how you can maximize the effect of the module. First, we will go through some basic information. This week, those are in the videos.

Then, we will go shoot an assignment using the week’s theme and skills.

Finally, we’ll share one photo (the best one of your lot) on our Tribe’s Facebook Page.

The next weekend, we do it all over again with a new theme.

You ready?

Here goes. This week’s theme is “Tiny Landscapes.” It’s a macro assignment, so it’s about closeup photography.

Here’s Alessandro Ozzoc telling us about the equipment needed and how to get our macro shots super sharp.

Michael the Maven shares these Tips for Beginning Macro Photography:

Finally, take a look at some creative macro images for inspiration:

25 Beautiful Macro Photography Shots from Smashing Magazine

40 Beautiful Macro Photos that will Inspire You from You the Designer blog

Finally, you don’t need a dSLR to take great macro photos. Take your compact camera and do just as well. Here’s a short article “Macro Photography Tips for Point and Shoot Digital Cameras” from Digital Photography School about just that.

This week’s assignment:

Interpret the theme “Tiny Landscape.”

Upload your best photo to our Tribe Facebook Page by Friday at 23.59 (Northern Hemisphere, you get more time than Asia tribe members). Editor’s Picks will be featured on the blog in a special post next week!

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